sobota 7. apríla 2012

Meet Eugene

In times they are dark, times they are hard, I tend to feel weak...thats when I hand the steering wheel over to a stronger one. But as it usually is, the stronger entities are much more closed and hard on the Eugenes´ case, much more evil. But nevermind, sometimes I need his help when I can´t take the pressure no longer. In these days the crap got a bit over the top, thats when I become silent and emotionless, closed into myself. But so much about it.
I was thinking about my purpose in life, what fulfills me and I came up with an interesting result. I gues if I had to choose a WoW class, I would choose to be a discipline priest. I constantly feel the urge to help people, help them grow mentally, cure their demons, calm the storms...and so far I can tell, I am pretty good at it. Dealing with peoples´ minds keeps me from concentrating on my own, or just makes me feel better to a certain level. In real life I am not the guy who will be fixing machines or sell dogfood, not anything attached to be materialistic. Mostly, the state of harmony in my soul and body comes, when I can express myself on a sprirtual level. Searching for the happiness in the moment of presence? Yes, I am. But I can´t get from worrying about the future...the future that consints from the outcome of our present chances. God give me stregth. Come what ever may!

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