štvrtok 21. novembra 2013


Been a while since I wrote here something, I just wish to say hello to...to anyone who reads this. These days I´m having a good time living on college and having a lot of fun with my roommates. The school goes well, it offers a lot of immense challenges for me, and that is what keeps me going. But sometimes I find myself thinking of letting things that are not chalenging me anymore go. Maybe it´s the full Moon again :D but the neutron difusion project would need to get the best of me...but I´m affraid I´m reahing for my bottom limits according to my recently discoverd math skills :D which are equal to a grammar school level. STOP! This is getting nowhere again :D laughing at myself. I can already controll these states of mine. Something positive? I have a lot of new musical ideas worth recording. We are saving our gigmoney with Kiero Grande and would like to record an album containing about six or seven songs. As I said, I need challenges for my life, maybe thats why I study nuclear engineering instead of playing music in some music school as my friends. And according to this I got really tired of playing the typical 12bar blues. Of course I love to play those old songs with the band, but In case of writing new songs I tend to go into my comfort zone, which is a little bit of a different path than the traditional bluesrock. Time shall show. There are always things you can´t utter, thats one of the hardest things in life. Imagine a dog with human understanding, a talking dog. Your favourite dog liking it as it is, but one day you´d tell him that he is colorblind and there are many beautifulcolors in the world....he´d live his whole life being sad about the inability of seeing them. I was told I could become anything and I´m standing at the crossroads of choices again, I hear the devil speaking to me in fancy ways. I am standing strong, following my aims...my aims...my aims? Are they mine? The vision of being succesful with my studies, earning enuff money to have a family and play music...isn´t it an illusion? I have my questions, but do I want to know the answer? "Don´t seek what you don´t wish to find" "Don´t ask if you don´t want no answer". I live my world not knowing what is real...I just live it without insurance

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