nedeľa 23. októbra 2011

I´m glad

I´m one lucky bastard to have the woman I love. Understanding, gorgeous and and sweet. People could jsut say "yeah, yeah, you´re jsut blinded by love" ...may I be blinded if it feels like this, but I dont think so...I´ve already been in love two times before, but none of it felt like this. It feels like I have an aim in my life and I don´t have to worry bout no time limitations, fear no secrets to be revealed. Together we are one, zusammen sind wir einz, együtt egyek vagyunk a v jednote je sila....lunex syr s opečeným chlebom, salámou a maminým bulharským šalátom je proste mega...milujem jesť.

1 komentár:

  1. This is the most beautiful and crazy love confession I have ever heard and read :)

    And now only one thing is missing, to put this ideas to a song :) Good luck!

    There is no better thing as if the artist has his muse.